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Grimsby Seafood Cluster Launches Future Leaders Skills Programme

August 17, 2023

The Grimsby seafood cluster has launched its groundbreaking "Future Leaders" skills programme, aimed at fostering leadership and innovation within the seafood processing cluster. This initiative underscores the industry's commitment to developing the next generation of leaders who will drive sustainable growth and excellence in the sector.

The programme is specifically designed career development framework for Seafood Professionals, created by the businesses of the Seafood Grimsby and Humber Alliance and the University of Lincoln’s National Centre for Food Manufacturing (NCFM). The programme’s first programme, the Future Seafood Leaders course, is the first of its type in the UK. The course, which has been developed by NCFM in collaboration with representatives from the leading seafood processing businesses, Young’s Seafoods, Hilton Seafoods, New England Seafoods and Regal Fish along with Seafox Management Consultants, is designed to fast-track the career development of existing and aspiring leaders in the seafood processing sector.

The new course is part of a project, led by the NCFM, having secured £250K from Defra’s Skills and Training Fund to develop a Seafood tailored, new degree and higher-level skills offer to address the acute shortages of skilled junior and middle managers in the Seafood Processing sector, ensuring future leaders are technically, socially and environmentally aware and adept at leading in a complex, fast-growing and changing sector. The programme will feature a series of workshops, seminars, and networking events that will enable participants to enhance their leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills. Additionally, participants will have the chance to engage in hands-on projects that address real-world challenges facing the seafood processing sector.

Professor Val Braybrooks said ‘‘It’s great to see the project getting off to such a flying start and to be launching our first courses in Grimsby. This has been made possible by the huge level of support and collaboration given by the Seafood Grimsby and Humber Alliance’s members. Our plan is to continue to build the skills offer to include degree Apprenticeships and make it accessible to businesses and learners across the UK, providing opportunities for individuals and attracting and growing talent and investment into the sector’’.

Simon Smith, Chairperson of the Alliance remarked “The Future Leaders programme is tailored to equip aspiring professionals with the skills, knowledge, and experiences required to excel in the dynamic seafood processing cluster in Grimsby. Participants will have the unique opportunity to engage with industry experts, conduct industry visits, gain insights into cutting-edge technologies, and explore sustainable practices that align with the industry's environmental goals. Our vision for the Future Leaders programme is to empower talented individuals with the tools they need to take the seafood processing industry to new heights in the global landscape we operate in. We believe that investing in leadership development is key to ensuring the continued success and competitiveness of our local seafood cluster."

Selected candidates will have the opportunity to visit the 2024 North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen next March and network with global seafood business leaders.

The flyer can be found here.