The Supply Chain

Get more people to eat more fish and seafood products produced from Grimsby.

The aims of #MGIG

The average consumption of fish and seafood in UK is 1.15 portions per week *Seafish Industry Authority data. The NHS recommends the consumption of 2 portions of fish and seafood per week including 1 oily fish.

#MGIG wants to create an awareness of the choice of thousands of fish and seafood products it processes and creates each day and get more people to eat more fish and seafood from Grimsby.

Create a story of trust and approval about #MGIG


Grimsby from USA, Japan, Norway, Faroes, Iceland and Denmark.

World class

Within the supply chain we have world class businesses.


Ancient smokehouses produce Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI) naturally smoked haddock that is a uniqueness for #MGIG.