The Cluster

Across Grimsby and the wider Humber region there are directly employed 6000 people in over 50 approved seafood processing units.

Our mission

Each week we thrive to ensure the finest quality fish and seafood is sustainably sourced and is plentiful in order to create fabulous fish and seafood dishes for millions of UK consumers.

Our businesses imports the vast majority of its fish and seafood sustainably from all over the world.

Fresh fish arrives mainly from Faroes, Iceland and Norway. All other frozen species arrive from countries in both northern and southern hemispheres. The main species for processing are salmon, cod, pollock and haddock. Locally caught shellfish and mixed British caught species also find their way to Grimsby for processing and distribution as well as farmed salmon from Scotland.

Our seafood sector is worth more than £1.5bn to our region

The supply chain

Supporting the processing cluster is a robust and heavily invested supply-chain. World class global, UK and regional investment from all over the world supports the competitiveness of our cluster, Transportation, shipping, post facilities, cold-storage, engineering, laboratory testing, packaging, skills to name but a few are heavily invested in to make 6000 people #MadeGreatInGrimsby products memorable for customers and the consumer.

As 'Europe's Food Town' we are home to over 500 food related companies

The facts

12,000 people in the supply-chain.

Adjacent to the UK’s largest Port complex where we import fresh & frozen.

World class people in sustainably sourcing, marketing, lean production and packaging.

We produce literally 100’s of products.

Find a mobile fishmonger near you...

Grimsby has a national fleet of over 100 quality mobile fishmongers delivering fresh fish nationwide.