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The 3-day #MADEGREATINGRIMSBY seafood careers programme has been delivered six times in the past 2 years to over 60 DWP clients.

November 10, 2023

The introduction to the seafood programme has had a tremendous impact on the candidates from DWP in Grimsby. Not only has it given them an insight into the sector but, it's created employment for many and had a positive effect on their confidence and self-esteem.

The 3-day programme has been delivered six times in collaboration with CAT Zero in the past 2 years to over 60 DWP clients. Simon Dwyer, who created the programme has reflected over the last 2 years and said on behalf of MGIG "It's been a pleasure for our team, including Julie Waites, Neil Jones and Pete Tighe, to bring to the attention of the DWP clients, career opportunities in the Grimsby seafood cluster. Many have gone into secure employment but, all have left with a strong impression of our seafood industry".

DWP's Nick Gregory said "Two of the candidates had interviews in the Jobcentre today and in both instances, their Work Coaches came to find me, as both wanted to let me know how much they enjoyed the course.


Their feedback was excellent. They found the course interesting, and exciting, felt a lot more confident, and supported by the Trainers and feel it has made them far more aware of the range of jobs in the Seafood sector. They both felt that the course had improved their prospects of finding work.


What brilliant feedback- thank you for another great Seafood Programme course."

We have introduced the candidates to varying sizes and types of companies. Businesses that participate and support the programme include Hilton Seafoods, New England Seafoods, Young's Seafood, Alfred Enderby, Fastnet Fish, Premier Seafoods, Atlantic Ocean, Grimsby Seafood Village, Pelagia, Chapman’s, Tripak and DFDS.

The programme is sponsored by Fishmongers' Company and City and Guilds.