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Oregon Seafood Delegation brings Pacific seafood flavours to the heart of Grimsby Seafood Processing Cluster.

November 20, 2023

A delegation of representatives from the thriving Oregon seafood industry participated in an exclusive seafood tasting showcase. Bringing Pacific flavours to Grimsby demonstrated the rich diversity that the Oregon coast and sustainable MSC fisheries has to offer.


The event held at Healing Manor, Grimsby was organised by Oregon's Department of Agriculture and presented an unique opportunity for the seafood enthusiasts of Grimsby to experience the exquisite taste and quality of the Pacific Northwest's finest catches. From succulent shrimp to delectable rock fish, the showcase was enjoyed by buyers of seafood from large and small processors that supply retailers and food service companies in UK.  we're treated to new and sustainable seafood products.


Erick Garman, Trade Development Manager, Oregon Dept of Agriculture said, "We are excited to bring a taste of Oregon to Grimsby, a town with a rich maritime heritage. Our seafood represents not just a culinary experience but, a commitment to sustainability and quality. We look forward to sharing the flavours of the Pacific with the seafood connoisseurs of Grimsby."


Simon Dwyer, Grimsby cluster director added, "Grimsby is a major European seafood processing hub with a deep appreciation for seafood and this event is a fantastic opportunity to expand our culinary and processing horizons. We are delighted to host the Oregon Seafood Delegation and create a platform for cultural and culinary exchange"