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'Made Great In Grimsby’ have been supporting and hosting the Humber Place Narrative Charette team and Future Humber (Bondholders) programme.

February 09, 2024

At a critical time of renewed confidence and transformation for the region, Future Humber (Bondholders) have begun an extensive programme of work to redefine the Humber Place Narrative. This is a narrative that will have added value and impact for our region in place promotion and inward investment, and the united message for ‘Why the Humber’ is much needed for so many sectors, businesses, and organisations to ensure we can continue to prosper and grow.

‘Made Great In Grimsby’ supported the start of this journey by hosting the Humber Place Narrative Charette team and Future Humber to explore the significance of the Grimsby & Humber seafood cluster in this pan-regional promotion.


Representing ‘Made Great In Grimsby’, Simon Dwyer said "This is an important opportunity to share the story of the region’s seafood cluster with the people forming the overall narrative of the Humber. The event underscores the critical need to acknowledge and elevate the economic and cultural importance of Grimsby's thriving seafood industry."


Dr Diana Taylor, Managing Director of Future Humber explained further “In order to craft a compelling story that resonates across all communities, it's imperative that we embrace cross-sectorial voices. By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, we can ensure that our narrative reflects the richness and complexity of our region. Collaboration from all of our stakeholders is therefore critical in shaping our renewed Place Narrative.

This collaboration has been vividly demonstrated by the support of Simon Dwyer, who represented the 'Made Great in Grimsby' brand. Providing a comprehensive tour of the seafood industries underscored the collective effort and success of this cluster, showcasing the unique strengths and opportunities the seafood sector presents for our region.

“’Made Great in Grimsby’ is a strong brand for the North East Lincolnshire seafood cluster – one which supports not only the regional and global seafood supply chain, but also supports the community in so many ways. It was fantastic to be able to see the cluster active in the docks, the town, and the football club.”


The tour of Grimsby and the surrounding area was also joined by representatives from North East Lincolnshire Council, ABP, Able UK and The Culture House, providing a broad and diverse dive into the many sectors driving forward the growth of this important coastal corner of the Humber.