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Leading Grimsby Fishmonger, Premier Seafoods, Showcases Their New "Made Great in Grimsby" Chefs Aprons

February 19, 2024

Grimsby’s Premier Seafoods, proudly unveiled their latest addition to their team's attire - the "Made Great in Grimsby" Chefs aprons that will be proudly displayed to their customers and local community in their Riby Street fishmonger’s shop.


"Our new 'Made Great in Grimsby' chefs aprons symbolise our deep-rooted pride in being part of this vibrant community," said joint owner, Nathan Godley at Premier Seafoods. "As a leading fishmonger in Grimsby, we are dedicated to upholding the traditions of quality and excellence that define our industry and the town. These aprons reflect our commitment to delivering the finest seafood while championing the unique spirit of Grimsby."


A representative of Made Great In Grimsby, which is owned by The Grimsby Fish Merchants Association, commented "We are thrilled to see Premier Seafoods embracing their role as ambassadors for Grimsby's seafood excellence. These aprons are more than just garments they represent a shared commitment to promoting the economic and cultural significance of Grimsby's seafood cluster of over 5,500 jobs. We commend Premier Seafoods for their initiative and dedication to our community."


Made Great In Grimsby sell merchandise including, hoodies, baseball caps, aprons and beanies on their website to businesses and individuals.

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