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Grimsby & Humber Seafood Cluster Hosts Norwegian Ambassador and Norwegian Seafood Council CEO, to Explore Collaborative Seafood Trade Opportunities

November 28, 2023

The Grimsby and the Humber's seafood processing and trade industry welcomed The Norwegian Ambassador to the UK, Tore Hattrem, alongside Christian Chramer, CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council, and Victoria Braathen, Norwegian Seafood Council UK Director, to engage in exploration of one of the northern hemisphere's leading seafood clusters.


Newly in post, it was the Ambassador's first visit to the Humber. Seafood trade between Norway and Grimsby is significant for the cluster with thousands of tonnes of salmon, cod and haddock arriving daily from the north and west coast of Norway. 


Meetings and discussions explored opportunities for collaboration and strengthened ties within the cluster.


Highlights of the visit included a tour of Hilton Seafoods processing facility, a visit to Seafish Industry Authority HQ, a stakeholder dinner, and a tour of the cluster with Simon Dwyer, Seafood Grimsby & Humber Alliance, Executive. 


Simon Dwyer remarked "The exchange of knowledge and experiences between the Norwegian delegation and Grimsby's seafood businesses was a cornerstone of the visit. Discussions covered sustainable practices, innovation, consumption and future seafood trade."


Norwegian Ambassador to the UK, Tore Hattrem remarked, "It is a pleasure to witness the vitality of Grimsby and the regions seafood industry and explore avenues for collaboration. Norway and Grimsby share a deep connection through our commitment to sustainable and high-quality seafood production."


Christian Chramer, CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council, commented "Norway and the UK are strong seafood partners. It was important that we shared valuable insights into the global seafood market and discussed further potential avenues for cooperation between Norway and the Grimsby region. Grimsby has a rich maritime heritage and it was encouraging to see current advancements in seafood processing taking place in Grimsby."


The visit concluded with a lunch at Papa's fish and chips restaurant in Cleethorpes with representatives of the local and national fish & chips sector. In attendance was Martin Vickers MP for Cleethorpes and the National Federation of Fish Friers.


Victoria Braathen, Norwegian Seafood Council UK Director added, "The warmth and hospitality extended by Grimsby have been truly exceptional. We see great potential for further collaboration, and we look forward to strengthening lasting partnerships with the seafood community here."


This visit lays the foundation for future collaborations, emphasizing the shared commitment to sustainable practices, research, and the growth of the global seafood industry. Grimsby and Norway anticipate fruitful partnerships that will further enhance the strength and resilience of the seafood sector.